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Our strengths:

1. Advanced equipment forms a strong productivity, which provides a strong guarantee for ensuring the perfect quality and timely delivery of customer products. Printing equipment includes the first ManRoland ROTOMAN commercial rotary printing press in Asia and the fastest Gaobao KBA C215 commercial rotary printing press in Asia, Gauss Universal 75 commercial newspaper printing press, Cleo CTP plate making equipment, Heidelberg Speedmaster CP-2000 printing press, Gaobao Pida printing press, Martini trend adhesive binding line, Heidelberg horse riding binding line, Three URBANITE II printing presses of GOSS Company and UNISET 60 printing presses of Man Roland Company of Germany, etc. The computer plate making workshop has Peking University founder Century RIP publishing system, AGFA Select Avantra25 laser typesetter, ECRM Pelbox 1545cs laser typesetter and the most advanced Danish Glunz-Jensen ML55 automatic printer, American New Brand printer, Japanese screen company's plate maker and Denmark Denafu plate maker.

2. The printing base has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and FSC production and marketing supervision chain management system certification, and has Disney factory inspection certificate, can produce Disney books.

Printing quotation contact:

    Bella Zhang

    Email: 1807463669 @

    Wechat/WhatsApp : +86 13622743302

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